About TrendCredit

Company Development Timeline:

1980:  The Trend Group Ltd. was ranked 2nd on Inc. Magazine’s “INC Private 100” list of fastest growing service companies (sales per employee).  Trend Credit Corp. (TCC) was a subsidiary of The Trend Group.

1983:  TCC Employees purchased Trend Credit Corp. from The Trend Group Ltd.    

1988:  TCC developed two divisions, Accounts Receivable Management Associates (ARMA) and the United States Association for International Claimants (AIC). 

            ARMA offered alternative solutions for businesses to expedite recovery of their accounts receivables while weeding out problem accounts.  ARMA improved applications, contracts and personal guarantees for its clients to secure their clients' chances of collection and to reduce future losses.    

            The AIC was created to oppose the “Confiscated property of American citizens overseas” and to support US citizens with their expropriation cases against foreign governments. 

1992:  Trend Credit Corp was mentioned in a New York Times article dated February 9, 1992.

1994:  The New York Daily News reported that Democratic Party leader Claude Wathey and three other officials were sentenced to 18 months in jail for committing forgery and perjury, according to The Associated Press (7/24/1994). It was Michael Casabianca and TCC that helped to disclose the fraudulent activities by Wathey’s government, which was depicted in an article in the Sint Maarten Guardian entitled “One Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against the Government.”

1996:  George R. Stephanopoulos, Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy and now ABC News Anchor, forwarded TCC/ARMA’s proposal “Putting U.S. Citizens First with Foreign Policy” to the Department of State and the National Security Council. Click here to view the letter from the White House.

2000:  In the early 2000’s TCC helped the FBI to convict individuals connected to a High-Yield Interest Bank Debenture Program that duped hundreds of US Citizens out of approximately 16 million dollars.

2011:  Trend Credit Corp., originally located in the Old Town Hall in Westport Connecticut, celebrated its 30th anniversary on March 07, 2011.

2016:  The new Trend Credit Corp website goes live to better help our current and potential clients resolve debt collection issues.