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Trend Credit Corporation is the collection company that fulfils your needs and exceeds your expectations.We have the capacity, industry knowledge, resources, and alliance to collect our client’s money anywhere in the US.

Our employees become advocates with your best interests at heart. We fight for your rights – because that is what we do best. We are a team that can look at collection situations from all angles in order to reach the most successful solution. We are an extension of our client’s business that gets paid only when we collect. Our clients appreciate our openness about the collection process and our willingness to answer their tough questions as they arise.


 Rates & Fees

Placing a claim is FREE and easy. There are no upfront costs - we only get paid when you do.

Collection rates are tailored to fit your accounts. The type, age, and amount of the account will help to determine the appropriate rate.

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Submitting claims is easy - we accept claims online and by fax, email, or mail. 


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Check the status of your claims submitted online at any time. We are also available by phone or email to speak about your accounts. 



Choose how you receive your collections. There is no upfront cost to you - we only get paid when we collect. 


Over three decades we have helped small and large businesses, as well as individuals, collect various types of debt, including monetary and property debts. We have shown that we can handle any type of collection, on any scale.

While representing some of the top “Fortune 500” companies, Trend Credit Corp. found its  calling by helping small businesses convert their past due invoices into cash through the collection process.

We focus on supporting small businesses and professionals with their collection problems.


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